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90 Minute Intensive

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Just for Black Friday! 

This 90-Minute intensive is perfect for you if…

  • You have been procrastinating on a goal and are ready to break it down into manageable chunks

  • You want to launch a new product or course in your business and want to map out the whole strategy for it

  • Are struggling with motivation and need some impactful mindset coaching to get you to your next level 

This 90 Minute Intensive includes...

  • A pre-work questionnaire that allows us to get down to business in our 90 minutes together

  • A 90-minute private call

  • 7 days of unlimited voxer support so you can have me in your back pocket as you spring into action

And for Black Friday 2022, we are offering this Intensive for $397!! 

Save your spot below!

(Act soon -  3 spots only!!!) 


When I started with Nicole, I was working at a retail job that I hated and pursuing my passion as a side hustle. After 3 months of coaching, Nicole helped me strategize and scale my side hustle into a full-blown business, allowing me to quit my old job, become my own boss, and step into full-time entrepreneurship. As a people pleaser, she supported me in setting boundaries, taking care of myself, resting, and balancing work/life and my business (and I) thrived because of it

Lauren U.

"When I first started working with Nicole, I was in a place where I couldn’t find satisfaction and fulfillment in my day-to-day life because my expectations for perfection were simply set way too high. I made it impossible for myself to be happy. Nicole is the first person who has ever been able to help me rationalize my high expectations and reframe them so that I can live a more relaxed life. The miraculous thing is that she did this without putting any limitations or dampening on my drive and highly aspirational mentality."

Josh G.

I was in a creative rut, unsure of how to take my career to the next level. I felt like I was one of countless people trying to do the same thing. Now, instead of waiting for others to give me opportunities, I've created my own by starting my own podcast consulting business. In coaching, I learned that the value of a journey is in the little steps forward. Nicole challenged me in the ways I needed to be challenged, in order to reach my goals. She expanded my idea of what was possible for me. I can't recommend her enough!!!

Hayden G.

What's Included?

A Personalized Pre-Work Questionnaire

Before we even begin our call, you'll fill out a personalized questionnaire.

This is a list of expectations, goals, personality quizzes and a few fun extras! 

This helps us hit the ground running and we jump right into custom exercises

on our first call.

Our 90-Minute Coaching Session

This is the magic! In this 90-minute session we will dive into your goals, break things down so you not only feel prepared and clear on your next steps but you also feel confident and motivated to tackle your dream!

7 Days of Unlimited Voxer

Voxer is a walkie talkie app (talk and text!) on your phone that is super easy to use. Whether its on-the-spot coaching, have a question about an exercise, or needing me to look over something and give you in the moment feedback, you can message me on Voxer and I will respond with the support you need!

(P.s. my private clients always say that Voxer is the biggest game changer in coaching!)


When I first started working with Nicole, I was unemployed for over a year after being laid off, trying to decide if I should move to a different city, not spending much time on anything creative, and wondering where to go next. Now, I'm employed and working a very chill 100% remote job that allows me to use more energy on creative projects and travel. My relationships have improved, my confidence has increased, and I feel so much more at lease. I'm actually excited about the future now, instead of just fearing it!

Liz J.

 I first came to Nicole with a never ending to-do list, hoping that she could help me accomplish everything I had laid out. But Nicole gave me so much more than that! She helped me totally shift my perspective about what fulfillment and success look like, and has helped me find more balance and joy in my life. She has helped me calm the perfectionist and quiet the inner critic. I've grown so much as a person in just a short while working with her! Oh, and in case you were wondering, by doing this I have finally been able to tackle tasks I had been putting off for months!

Celia T.

When Nicole and I started working together, I was in a place of urgency with my goals. Yet, deep down I knew that to grow into the vision I saw for myself & my business- I would need to embrace risk-taking, courage & uncertainty, but these traits were not how I defined myself. Nicole saw that these traits DID belong to my identity & helped me to see them in myself! Coaching is the cure for making the big picture changes you can envision for your business and coaching with Nicole will teach you to shift your mindset from a place of scarcity & urgency to abundance & consistency!

Ally S.

My Approach


It all starts here with your daily mindset. Many people (perhaps you?) have let their mindset fall to autopilot, which is why you might feel frantic, stressed and why you’ve sprinted towards your goals.


Together we will begin focusing on your daily habits that will help you feel back in control of your life and raise your daily motivation.

Your beliefs aka the big kahuna. If you’re not happy with your life, it’s because this bit is screwing you over.


Many perfectionists have beliefs like "if I'm not productive, no one will love me", "I'm a failure and never do anything right", "outside validation = I am enough... for now" and many more.


Through a series of exercises we will identify your negative beliefs and condition new, personalized, empowering beliefs so that you have the confidence and inner power to go after your goals.

P.s. This is the game changer for my clients and is always their most powerful takeaway.


Strategy is key for going after your goals, yes, and I am fortunate to have learned from some of the best goal setting strategists in the world. But if we just jump to this step without addressing the first two pillars (which is what many impatient perfectionists like to do), you'll be back where you started before you can say "self-sabotage".


BUT with the two previous steps unlocked and ready to roll, we can take the strategy I will teach you and you'll be amazed by what you accomplish!


Together we work through a series of goal setting exercises, getting clear on what personalized strategy you need to tackle your goals and feel freaking fantastic along the way.

Find someone who can turn their decades worth of knowledge and experience, into DAYS for you. 

You don’t have to spend years trial and erroring your own personal growth. Shedding the “I can do it alone” attitude saved me years of exhaustion and helped me become the person I knew I was meant to be faster than I ever thought was possible.


That is the power of


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When I first started with Nicole, I was lost. I was so deep in a facade that I was happy but knew deep down I wanted so much more with my life. I was insecure, I didn’t love myself. I was miserable. Now after coaching with Nicole, I’m a successful businesswoman, I’m in the best shape of my life psychically and mentally, in the best relationship I could ever dream of and so beyond happy. I genuinely love myself and am living the life of my dreams.

Alex S.

Before working with Nicole, I felt lost, out of control and trapped in myself. Now I feel in control, renewed, and legit powerful in my body all the time! From the moment I started coaching with Nicole I felt an overwhelming sense of relief. She is a true mentor that I have never had in my life and I feel so lucky to have her.

Sarah M.

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