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I'm Nicole!

Life Coach helping Perfectionists set goals and actually follow through on them, Host of the Life Coach Baker Podcast, and Goal Setting Specialist!

Take the free quiz to learn which type of Perfectionist you are PLUS get customized tips on how to defeat it once and for all!

I am so happy to have you here!

As a Coach, I help perfectionists set goals and actually achieve them. 


Seems simple enough, right?


Well, here’s the problem. When it comes to goals, perfectionists do one of two things:

1) They set impossibly high standards for themselves and then never take a step forward because how on earth will they live up to that expectation!?!  


2) Or they need to know every step of the way, diving into massive amounts of “research” (or you could say procrastination) and then never take a step forward.


You see a pattern here?

Perfectionists have a skillful way of avoiding taking action to achieve their goals because of one reason.




Fear of failing, fear of disappointing others, fear of disappointing themselves, the list can go on and on but fear rules the perfectionist’s actions. 


How do I know this? 


I was a die hard perfectionist. 

I clutched on to the idea of being an overachiever, I was constantly living in "all or nothing", I was always burnt out, I always had my eye on a goal but which no matter how successful I was at getting it… it was never enough, which meant I was never enough.


If this sounds like something you’ve been living, I want to take a moment to congratulate you.


The fact that you’re here, on this website, reading this page, means that you’re ready for change.

You know that there must be an easier way to live. 


And you’re right. 

Whether it’s feeling fed up with your current circumstances?
Feeling pulled towards a different (and less stressful) way of life? 
The gut wrenching desire to follow through on your goals and actually feel good about it!?

I get you.
Heck, I WAS you.

But I learned the tools to fight through the fear and started achieving things I never thought possible.
And now I’m here to help you do the same.

I believe the only thing standing in our way is our mind!

Our mind is quite literally programmed to protect us and to keep us in our comfort zone. 


And it makes sense! 


About 2 bazillion years ago, going “outside of our comfort zone” meant heading into the wilderness where a sabertooth tiger was waiting in the shadows to kill us! 

A.k.a. going out of our comfort zone = a bloody, painful rendition of goodbye cruel world! 


As far as I know, there aren’t sabertooth tigers roaming around in the present day.


However our brain still reacts the same life or death way when getting out of our comfort zone! 


Only now sub the sabertooth tiger with anxiety before a big job interview, feeling terrified to start your own business or fear of speaking our own mind and having the slightest chance of disappointing others.


Your comfort zone says, 

"If I stay in here, I stay safe.

If I stay in here, no one will watch me fail.

If I stay in here, I keep believing I'm not enough to go after what I want."


The wild thing is most of the time our comfort zone controls our actions!


No. Freaking. More.


Officially speaking, Nicole is a life coach. But she is so much more than that. She is my sounding board. My biggest support system in all my goals, big and small. She is my accountability partner. My voice of reason. But above all, Nicole is a lifelong friend. My coaching with Nicole has been a complete game changer in all facets of my life.

Ariel V.

Nicole is such a bright and shining light! After every coaching call, I leave feeling inspired and with a clear step forward. I love that any time I get stuck during the week, I can send her a message and she's ready with a thoughtful quote or a helpful exercise to keep going. I also love that everything she does is so carefully researched. I can sometimes be skeptical, but all of her methods are really effective and science-based!

If you are looking to take the next step and not sure where to go, coaching with Nicole is the perfect place to start!

Celia T.

Nicole is and has always been a life coach. Nicole is so encouraging, positive, realistic, and challenging in her coaching, and she perfectly balances tact with sensitive topics and candor with harsh realities. If you are looking for someone to handle your heart with care while also giving you the push you need to achieve your dreams, Nicole is your coach.

Jenni R.

I used to believe that my worth was defined by my productivity.

I used to believe that if I wasn’t consistently burnt out then I clearly wasn’t working hard enough.


I used to believe that I wasn't good enough to achieve what I wanted. 

I cannot tell you how wrong I was.

In the past two years, I've made it my obsession to answer the question,

“How can we healthily achieve the things we want?”

My obsession led to countless hours of reading, listening, and absorbing research, attending seminars, interviewing people who had cracked the personal development code and I put into practice the techniques I learned.


The results were nothing short of ASTOUNDING.


In 3 short years I have:

🌟 Started a successful coaching business from scratch

🌟 Embraced health from a place of energy & strength rather than stress, starvation & appearance 

🌟 Quit my restaurant job after 14 years in the industry

🌟 Fell in love and and have an exceptional relationship

🌟 Got very comfortable with being imperfect and knowing that I am enough

I have discovered that if you put your mind to it and take a crap load of imperfect action,

you can achieve what you once thought was impossible

You might be thinking,

“This is great, I’m feeling super fired up… but how do I start?


You’ve come to a great place to begin this journey.


On this website you’ll find a vast amount of free resources!


Like the Life Coach Baker Podcast which is a weekly podcast all about tangible and tactical ways you can implement imperfect personal development into your life right freaking now. 


Or head on over to Goal Smasher, my self paced course that will help you set clear goals, create an overwhelm free plan and learn the secret to cultivating sustainable motivation.


Or if you’re a social media person, I share daily tips on my Instagram stories that will give your mindset the reboot it needs.

What type of perfectionist Take the quiz (1).png

Ready to dive in? 

Take the Quiz!

Take the free quiz to learn which type of Perfectionist you are PLUS get customized tips on how to defeat it once and for all!

However, if you’re someone who wants a high tough experience with

Full Implementation!

  • If you want that no B.S. accountability buddy

  • If you want everything to be personalized to you

  • If you want consistent support

  • If you want to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible

For you; my 1:1 Coaching program is the way to go.


Learn more about it HERE.

So what’s that goal of yours?


  • Starting a business?

  • Following through on your health goals?

  • Living anxiety free?

  • Learning how to trust your own voice?

  • Or just learning how to get out of your comfort zone (and not have a level 12 meltdown about it)?


It’s possible, you just have to start.


You have the power, you wouldn’t be reading this far if you didn’t believe that deep down you’ve got magic within you.


I look forward to our journey together. 

Chat soon,


Want more?

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