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Under $20

Nicole's Signature Visualization and Journal Practice (1).png

It’s no wonder why visualization is used by 90% of the world’s most highly successful people! There's a reason!


In this visualization practice & journal prompt workbook you'll: 

  • Learn the science behind why visualization is so impactful

  • Be walked through Nicole's signature visualization practice 

  • Receive a workbook of 9 powerful journal prompts that will help you manifest your wildest dreams! 


Seriously - this is the visualization practice Nicole uses with all of her private clients and has led to manifesting dream jobs, houses, incomes, partners and more!

Nicole's Signature Visualization & Journal Practice


Unsubscribing from Perfectionism:
The Package

Did you know there are 3 different types of perfectionists? And yes, you're probably one of them.


In this course, you'll learn: 

  • What the 3 types of perfectionism are (and which one(s) you fall into)

  • How each type is hurting your productivity, your happiness and your goals. 

  • Of course, how to OVERCOME each type (this has been INVALUABLE to perfectionists everywhere!)

Multi-Week Course


Get Productive:
6 Weeks to Accomplishing More without Burning Yourself Out!

​My most popular course, now available for $300 off!


Your time is your most precious resource!! In this 6 week course we dive into:

  • The #1 productivity tool used by multi millionaires

  • How to cut your to-do list in HALF

  • How to increase your focus while achieving your goals quicker

  • How to get a healthy relationship with rest that allows you to ENJOY it (rather than feel guilty)

  • And how to gain back HOURS in your week

And for Black Friday, you can get Get Productive for $300 off!!!

Private Coaching


NEW!!! Added just for Black Friday! 

This brand new 90-Minute intensive is perfect for you if…​

  • You have a been procrastinating on a goal and are ready to break it down into manageable chunks

  • You are wanting to launch a new product or course in your business and want to map out the whole strategy for it

  • Are struggling with motivation and need some impactful mindset coaching to get you to your next level 

This 90 Minute Intensive includes...​

  • A pre-work questionnaire that allows us to get down to business in our 90 minutes together

  • A 90-minute private call

  • 7 day of unlimited of voxer support so you can have me in your back pocket as you spring into action

And for Black Friday 2022, we are offering this brand new opportunity for $297!! 

Learn more here.

90 Minute Intensive


Save your spot below!

(Act soon -  3 spots only!!!) 

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I cannot wait to coach with you!

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6-Week Intensive

My most popular private coaching option - now $400 off!!

This 6 Week support is for you if…

  • You are wanting to map out your 2023 business plan 

  • Are looking to achieve a major goal in the next few months and need your mindset and strategy to have a glow up

  • Want high touch accountability to help yourself follow through on your dreams

  • Want to launch a new product/business idea and want support, strategy and a partner in crime to make it happen

Our 6-weeks include...

  • An indepth pre-work questionnaire so we can dive right in on our first week

  • Three 1-hour coaching calls scheduled every other week

  • SIX WEEKS of unlimited voxer support so you can have in the moment accountability, problem solving and coaching (this is the magic here!) 

  • BONUS JUST FOR BLACK FRIDAY- My Signature  Visualization and Journal Prompt Practice! 

And for Black Friday only, I am offering this 6-week transformational coaching for $400 off! The most cost effective it has EVER been!

Learn more here.

or 2 payments of $467

Save your spot below!

(5 spots only!!!) 

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Pay in Full ($897)

Payment Plan 

(2 monthly payments of $467)

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