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Are you feeling like you aren’t achieving your full potential?

Are you feeling like, in the audition room, you are overcome with nerves and self-doubt?

Is your personal life nonexistent or feeling completely overshadowed by the stress of the “starving artist”?

Then let's talk.

We’ve all got the little voice in our head that says “I’m not enough, “Why would anyone ever listen to you,” or

“I’m not as talented as this person sitting next to me."


You don’t have to listen to that voice, give it power, OR let it control your life.


You can get rid of that voice all together and switch it with

I am so incredibly enough!

There is no one else out there like me!

I have amazing talents to bring to the table and I am original!

Our coaching sessions will help you rewire your brain to think, feel, and believe all of that (plus more) -- leading to higher confidence, stronger performances, and a happier, balanced life.

Whether you are a performer located in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Atlanta, or anywhere in between, we can work together to achieve your greatness you only thought was available when you listened to your first Broadway soundtrack.

Nicole is and has always been a life coach. Her energy, insight, compassion, and personality radiates that of a one who was destined to help others reach their fullest potential in their lifetime. Nicole is so encouraging, positive, realistic, and challenging in her coaching, and she perfectly balances tact with sensitive topics and candor with harsh realities. If you are looking for someone to handle your heart with care while also giving you the push you need to achieve your dreams, Nicole is your coach.

Jenni R.



During our regular calls, we’ll get to the core of what holds you back in your confidence, performance, and life. This will range from your artistic life to personal one (spoiler alert: they’re often linked!)

1 hour, 3 x month, I will work with you to:

  • Wake up with the motivation and drive toward bettering yourself as a performer

  • Unlock unstoppable confidence so you shine brightly during every audition

  • Achieve the fulfillment that you want in your personal life

  • Discover balance in being a professional performer and a grounded human being (because yes, spirituality and health are IMPORTANT)

But first – we’ll begin with a free discovery call to discuss the opportunities that lay ahead.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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