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Unsubscribing from Perfectionism:
The Package

Did you know there are 3 different types of perfectionists? And yes, you're probably one of them.


In this course, you'll learn: 

  • What the 3 types of perfectionism are (and which one(s) you fall into)

  • How each type is hurting your productivity, your happiness and your goals. 

  • Of course, how to OVERCOME each type (this has been INVALUABLE to business owners)

As a Crafting for Profit member, you can get Unsubscribing from Perfectionism for 50% off!


Get Productive: 6 Weeks
to Accomplishing More without Burning Yourself Out!

Your time is your most precious resource!! In this 6 week course we dive into:

  • The #1 productivity tool used by multi millionaires

  • How to cut your to-do list in HALF

  • How to increase your focus while achieving your goals quicker

  • How to get a healthy relationship with rest that allows you to ENJOY it (rather than feel guilty)

  • And how to gain back HOURS in your week

And as a Crafting for Profit member, you can get Get Productive for 50% off!!!

Learn more about Get Productive here.

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Private Coaching

If you want to take your mindset and business to the next level - this is the route I’d most recommend.


Click the button below to schedule a FREE 30 minute call where you work directly with me on your crafting business.

You’ll walk away with personalized next steps whether you sign on as a client or not that will help you in grow your business to full time and beyond.


Btw: I’ve had people go full time in their business just from these 30 minute calls ALONE. They are absolute magic.

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The Life Coach Baker Podcast

Like my teaching style? You’d LOVE my podcast! New Episodes drop every Tuesday!

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What type of Perfectionist are You?

Take the quiz to find out your type of perfectionists and get special mindset/perfectionism tips for your specific type!

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