Get Productive:

6 Weeks to Accomplishing More Without Burning Yourself Out

Tell me if this sounds familiar?

  • Do you feel like no matter how hard you work, you're falling behind?

  • Do you feel like you're always putting more on your schedule or to-do list and then beating yourself up for not getting it all done?

  • Do you feel like if you're not stressed, then you're not doing enough?

  • Do you feel like your days are frantic trying  to "do it all"?

  • Do you feel like if you rest then you’re lazy... So you never do it?

If any of these sound like I just @'d you, then welcome!

This is about to change your life.


Hey, I’m Nicole!

A Coach who helps perfectionists not only set goals, but actually follow through on them (free from that annoying, soul sucking bi*ch called hustle culture)! 

Growing up in a family that eats, sleeps and breathes personal development, I have been surrounded by self improvement techniques since the womb. But I was a MAJOR perfectionist! My expectation for how to be productive was so astronomically high that I was always working, never feeling like I could catch up! Even telling myself that "while I'm sleeping others, are getting ahead, so you have to keep going". As you can imagine, I was so burnt out, overwhelmed by what I "should be doing" and it led me to have a majorly twisted relationship with rest.... sound familiar?

Not only did I start achieving my personal and professional goals faster, BUT I was always freeing up hours in my week, finishing up my work days early, spending more time with my friends, family or out on a hike by myself. I started feeling proud of what I accomplished everyday and I finally dropped the "I'm always behind" loop that was going on through my head. Since seeing the results of these techniques, I've been teaching them to my clients, resulting in them:

  • ⁣Starting and going full time in their dream business

  • Being featured in top publications

  • Hitting record-breaking monthly revenue (35k woohoo!) 

  • Going from unemployed to 6 figures⁣

  • Losing over 80 pounds

  • Setting boundaries leading to more joy and free time!

Plus so much more!

Until finally I dove into research by the leading experts of productivity and brain functioning... and the results blew my mind!

And now, these techniques are about to be all yours for LIFE!

Here’s what you can look forward to with Get Productive:

Feeling PROUD of what you’ve accomplished everyday (no matter how "much" or "little")

Healing your relationship with rest and recovery (no more "rest = I'm lazy" guilt) 

Feeling a sense of peace and ease as you go through your day (bye, bye frantic "everything's an emergency" energy!)

Gaining more free time without compromising your high achiever mindset! (My job is not to hold you back with strict rules and a tight schedule, it's to help you set yourself FREE so you can do more of what you love!!) 

Productivity means working less, achieving more and having more free time to do what you LOVE!

Productivity does NOT mean working harder and longer hours!

As a chronic perfectionist and procrastinator, I expected to hear the same things about productivity I’ve always been told: create a to do list, work harder towards your goals, and do things “less perfectly” (easier said than done!). Get Productive was NOT that and I am so grateful.


Not only did Nicole teach me how to be more productive by doing less, she brought together an incredible community of people tackling the same things.


Now, I’m able to accomplish more in one day than I ever was before AND I feel like I’m on vacation while I do it. My to-do lists feel manageable instead of menacing and I’m finding more joy in the things I do every day. I’m endlessly grateful for Nicole’s methods, kindness, and encouragement. 

Celia T.
Performer | Voice Teacher

​​My biggest take-away from Nicole was how easy it is for us to focus just on the negatives and how that can have such an extreme impact on your life. The simple advice of “focus on the positives” was something I had obviously heard before, but she gave me a perspective and method on HOW to really do it that changed everything.


I have struggled with unachievable expectations throughout my entire life, and Nicole is the first person who has ever been able to help me rationalize those expectations and reframe them so that I can try to live a more relaxed life. The miraculous thing is that she did this without putting any limitations or dampening on my drive and highly aspirational mentality!


This woman changed my life and I know she will have the same impact on anybody who chooses to work with her.

Josh G.
Serial Entrepreneur

Get Productive:
6 Weeks to Accomplishing More Without Burning Yourself Out


What’s included

Weekly video lessons delivered right to your inbox! ($600 Value)

Every Monday you'll receive a pre-recorded lesson right in your email so you can watch it on your own time throughout the week! Each lesson is packed science backed productivity research and exercises that will guide you to make this work personalized to YOU!

Week 1: Defining Productivity To Empower You

Week 2: The Pareto Principle (aka how to stop feeling like you're flailing around all the time trying to do everything)

Week 3: Mastering the Flow State

Week 4: Healing Your Relationship with Rest

Week 5: Setting up your weeks for success (and how to open up hours so you can do more of what you love)

Week 6: Mastering Your Productivity Mindset - Taking this work beyond these six weeks

Weekly group calls ($1800 Value)

This is our time to chat about the weekly lesson, ask questions, get hot seat coaching from yours truly and implement these lessons even further with a group of your peers all cheering you on! This weekly call is what takes this course from something you're learning to something you're actively doing!

Access to Community Group ($400 Value)

In this exclusive space you'll be able to connect with your fellow group members, ask questions, share wins and receive accountability (I cannot stress the importance of that last one)!

$2,800 Value


We are currently not enrolling students into the live version of this program.

Check back soon or email hello@lifecoachbaker.com for more information for when the next round will launch! 

If you would like just the 6-week course as a standalone item, you can purchase that HERE.

Prioritizing is hard and I used to put off the most scary/difficult/uncomfortable tasks in favor of easier/comfortable ones. But Nicole taught me to push myself out of my comfort zone and just do the damn thing!

Jen S. 
Hair Stylist | Entrepreneur

 Nicole helped me strategize and scale my side hustle into a full-blown business, allowing me to quit my old job, become my own boss, and step into full-time entrepreneurship. Now I am setting boundaries, taking care of myself, resting, and balancing work/life and my business (and I) are thriving because of it.

Lauren U.
Voice Teacher | CEO

Thanks to Nicole’s patience, ability to get creative, and ultimately cracking the code, waking up early and having a productive day has been the best habit I have maintained! Now, I look back and can see how much I have truly evolved and grown. Nicole is a complete game changer for all facets of my life!

Ariel V.
Podcast Manager

You've made it this far...

Look I get it, it can be scary to invest (especially when you have so much on your to-do list already). 
But here's some tough love, learning this on your own takes YEARS to master! From parsing through all the podcasts, books and listening to teachers, it takes hours and years of your life (trust me, I know from personal experience). 

Instead join an immersive group environment to MASTER this skill and have it for LIFE ("teach a man to fish", am I right??)!

Plus, imagine having way more time in your schedule to spend with your loved ones, on passions projects or resting (yeah, remember that vital entity for human existence). This is a program that will give you the tools that will truly change your life.