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Stop overthinking your goals.
Start accomplishing them.


My step-by-step technique to help you set clear goals, create and implement an overwhelm-free plan, and learn the secret for keeping your motivation consistent and high! 

Are you ready to forever change the way you approach your goals? 

Go after your goals with more motivation, clarity, balance, and (let’s be real the main reason you're here)
finally get incredible results.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have a big vision for your life and your dreams feel far away or scary to go after.

You’ve been wanting a simple, sustainable method for setting clear goals, breaking them down into simple action steps and reaching the finish line without burnout. 

More importantly, you need a technique that you can keep coming back to with each new goal you want to accomplish. 

What Goal Smasher's are saying:

"Thanks in large part to Nicole I have:

  • Joined a gym and go 5-6 times per week.

  • Successfully woken up at 6am for over a month now.

  • Set up a calendar and implemented a schedule that actually works for me

  • Learned how to actually cut myself some slack and to practice loving kindness

  • Pushed myself out of my comfort zone


Honestly, I could go on and on. Nicole has helped me find clarity in ways that I probably would never have been able to myself."

- Ariel

I know you’re completely done with:

  • Saying you're going to start your goals... and putting them off day after day

  • Feeling like you're not living up to your potential,  knowing you're meant for something greater

  • Feeling pulled in too many directions leaving you overwhelmed and choosing nothing

  • That critical voice in your head, constantly telling you “you’re behind!”

  • Comparing yourself to other people's success on social media

That’s why I created a technique to simplify the way you

choose, set, and achieve your goals.


With this goal-setting technique (the only and last one you'll ever need!), you will get crystal clear on what you want, know exactly how to get there - plus learn the secret sauce on how to stay motivated until you reach the finish line and beyond!

Goal Smasher

What’s included


Your best friend that will be with you every step of the way throughout Goal Smasher! It includes:

  • Unique questions to help you gain clarity. 

  • Simple exercises to break down your goal into baby steps.

  • Powerful prompts to help you personalize this technique for YOUR goal. 


The Goal Guide is basically a mix between your vision board, your planner, and your motivational best friend!


As a perfectionist, you often have MULTIPLE goals you're trying to achieve (and you're beating yourself up for not having achieved them already), but when you try to go after everything at once, you feel you’re making no progress.


In the Pre-Work, you’ll learn why going after multiple goals only leaves you MORE burnt out and sets you up for failure and how to pick your one goal (without the stress of making sure it’s the “perfect” goal). 


The BIGGEST reason perfectionists don’t achieve their goal is because their goal isn't clear enough.. and yet they’re kicking themselves for not having achieved it!


This module walks you through an exercise for making your goal clear, free from high expectations, and absolutely unstoppable. 


Perfectionists get MASSIVELY overwhelmed with the high expectations they put on their goals and it leads to doing everything at once and burning out  OR feeling intimidated and taking no action at all.


Module Two walks you through the exact process for taking debilitating overwhelm out of your goals and helps you craft a step-by-step action plan so you can pursue your dream - *AHEM* free from burnout!


Many perfectionist's get stuck in the "I'm not feeling it today, I'll do this tomorrow when I'm more motivated" mindset.  If that is something you've said (and regretted), this module will change your life.

In Module Three we take a deep dive into an exercise that will instantly boost your motivation and sustain it throughout your goal from start to finish.

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You’re getting access to a curated sample of the kind of tools my private clients receive in my 1-1 Coaching Program.

Your Investment: $397

This is not a fairy sunshine course with lots of ethereal woo-woo, this technique was built on years of personal development knowledge and experience.
Plus it’s something that can be used over and over and over again. No matter the size of the goal. 

I was uncertain about my next steps for my business and how to take things to the next level. Now I have broken down steps to achieve what I’ve been wanting for the past couple of years. I’m finally taking those scary steps that make it seem actually real and possible.

- Jen

Nicole was clearly born to teach this! The lack of fluff is SO refreshing. The steps are so clear, simple and effective, I'm literally planning on gifting it to people!

- Tori

What Goal Smasher's are saying:


Hey, I’m Nicole!

A Life and Mindset Coach who helps perfectionists not only set goals, but actually follow through on them (free from that annoying, soul sucking bi*ch called hustle culture)! 

Growing up in a family that eats, sleeps and breathes personal development, I have been surrounded by self improvement techniques since the womb. But I was a MAJOR perfectionist! I had huge goals and put such high expectations on them that it led to me either working 24/7 and burning myself out or feeling so overwhelmed by what I "should" be doing, that I took no action at all (and then beat myself up for staying stuck). After years of trial and error with my goals it felt like my head was spinning.

And now, this technique is all yours!

I’ve since used this technique for every goal I have, from quitting my day job and going full time in my business, running half marathons, to creating healthy mindful habits! And I’ve been teaching it to my 1:1 clients, resulting in them:

  • ⁣Starting and going full time in their dream business

  • Being featured in top publications

  • Hitting record-breaking monthly revenue (35k woohoo!) 

  • Going from unemployed to 6 figures⁣

  • Losing over 80 pounds

  • Setting boundaries leading to more joy and free time!

Plus so much more!


Until finally I created a simple yet powerful goal setting technique that worked wonders for my perfectionist brain! 

Here’s what you can look forward to with your new goal-setting technique:

No more procrastinating on big scary tasks that overwhelm the crap outta you

No longer feeling like everything is urgent and that burning yourself out is the only way to get stuff done

No more scrolling through social media comparing yourself to everyone else who is achieving their goals… and beating yourself up for not being there

A huge boost of sustainable motivation that won't fizzle out after day three

Enjoying the goal setting process and learning to love the journey not just the destination

Goal Smasher Is Exactly What You Need To

Craft a clear goal, create and implement an overwhelm & burnout-free plan, and keep your motivation high all the way through.

This is for you if...

You’ve been going after a lotta goals all at once and you feel stressed, burnt out and like nothing is working (we address this in the prework!)

You’re overwhelmed by your big, awesome goals and it’s causing you to freeze up and not take any action (There's an exercise you’ll learn that will prevent you from ever feeling this way again). 

You’ve been taking action towards your goal, but you’re not making the progress you want. (this is our main focus in module two)

You’ve been caught in the “I’ll do this tomorrow when I’m more motivated” mentality and then you beat yourself up the next day for being behind (this is extremely common and we devote an entire exercise to it in module three).

It’s NOT for you if...

You are in need of high-touch, personalized, 1:1 support. This course covers a LOT of bases, but sometimes you need a little more accountability. Sign up for a 30 minute complimentary Discovery Call and we can determine if 1:1 Coaching is a better fit for you.

(p.s. my private 1:1 clients receive access to Goal Smasher as a welcome gift)


You’re not inclined to make simple, powerful changes in your life that will lead to things feeling easier, more sustainable and much, much more fun. 


You don’t have any goals at the moment. Hear me on this, that’s totally fine! But this is not the course for you at the moment.


Do you offer 1:1 support for Goal Smasher?

This is not a typical course, so there is no client support outside of you receiving Goal Smasher.
However, I do offer 1 complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call per week to perfectionists who are ready to set goals and fully follow through on them.
On the Discovery Call we will discuss what you’ve learned in Goal Smasher and personalize it to your own needs, you can sign up for a Discovery Call here.

I just finished module one and wow, this is so kickass!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do. You speak to my soul and you are fu*king brilliant!

- Danielle

Nicole speaks straight to the perfectionist! I have been so called out! This course is simple and straight to the point and is broken down so well!

- Stephanie

What Goal Smasher's are saying:

There’s a reason your goal keeps
bugging you!

Stop procrastinating.
Stop burning yourself out.
Stop beating yourself up for not making any progress.

Your dream can be your reality.
And it’s right here. 

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