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In this masterclass we get into the nitty gritty of why you feel so amazing and confident when you are practicing and when you get in the audition room, nerves take over entirely. We will learn different techniques to control those nerves and turn them from a disempowering trait, to making you an unstoppable power house of an auditioner.

We will also focus on how to change your negative beliefs and turn them into a belief system that will leave you more energized, more driven, and more clear on your purpose.

This in person masterclass is offered for just starting out High Schoolers, the passionate and eager College Students and the hard working, motivated Professional Performer.


In this critical thinking masterclass we will explore the basics of

Neuro Linguistic Programing (the study of your brain language patterns and how they link to success) and not only plug it into our own lives as actors, but also go over to to deeper understand your character by learning to apply this acting technique to the character’s mental mind map.

How does your character talk to themselves?

What are their limiting beliefs?

Where do they anchor tension in their body?

Where do they anchor love?

What is the MOMENT of a decision that changes the entire mental map and limiting beliefs of your character (Spoiler alert! Every character has one or else their wouldn’t be a play).

This technique can be used for the protagonist, the antagonist, and the wicked dancer who is in pointe shoes the whole show, everyone on that stage has a mental blueprint, and it is our job to unlock it!

*Because this is some very intense and analytical material, I do ask that this Masterclass is for Professional Level Actors only.

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