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Ultimate New Year Bundle (7).png
  • If you're tired of approaching the new year with high expectations, only to let yourself down in February...

  • If you're done beating yourself up for all the things you didn't do this year...

  • If you know it's really difficult for you to feel proud of yourself...

  • If you're ready to have a consistent visualization practice (that doesn't take 4 hours of a morning routine)...

  • If you're ready to start this new year off with clarity, intension, motivation and confidence that sticks...

Ultimate New Year Bundle (5).png

Then the 2023 Ultimate New Year Bundle was made just for you!


And it's all yours for $23!

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Ultimate New Year Bundle (3).png


Ultimate New Year Bundle (3).png
Ultimate New Year Bundle (2).png

Your New Year Vision: The Full Exercise

Nicole crafted these 5 specific questions just for the perfectionist brain! These powerful questions will get you:

  • Feeling grateful and proud of all that you accomplished this year (cause it's been a lot and odds are you're not giving yourself any credit)

  • Clear and excited for what you're ready to create in the new year (there's a specific way to ask this question and many of us aren't doing it)

  • Prepared to tackle your new, dream year! Together we craft a game plan on how you're going to begin taking action towards you new year goals (I don't leave you high and dry, together we break your new year down and craft an action plan that leaves you feeling motivated to take it on).

You'll receive:

  • The breakdown video walking you through these 5 questions

  • The workbook to use along with the New Year Vision

  • The video explain best practices to enhance this exercise!


This is not your ordinary New Year Exercise, this is crafted using science backed techniques so you're ready to ring the new year with a bang! 

Ultimate New Year Bundle (2).png
Ultimate New Year Bundle (2).png

BONUS - Nicole's Signature Visualization and Journal Practice

It’s no wonder why visualization is used by 90% of the world’s most highly successful people! There's a reason!


In this visualization practice & journal prompt workbook you'll: 

  • Learn the science behind why visualization is so impactful

  • Be walked through Nicole's signature visualization practice 

  • Receive a workbook of 9 powerful journal prompts that will help you manifest your wildest dreams! 


Seriously - this is the visualization practice Nicole uses with all of her private clients and has led to manifesting dream jobs, houses, incomes, partners and more! Perfect for the New Year! 

BONUS - Crafting Your Vision Board: The Exact How-To Breakdown

Vision boards are absolutely wonderful for manifesting and reprogramming our brains! But most of us are too flooded with information, graphics, words, magazines... that we end up so overwhelmed so we just stick a generic picture of a beach and call it good. NO MORE I SAY! 

In this Vision Board Exercise, I teach you the exact breakdown on how to make your vision board specific to you and your year! I walk you though a short and simple exercise that will make creating your vision board fun, easy and personal to you! 

Ultimate New Year Bundle (3).png
Ultimate New Year Bundle (3).png

The FULL 2023 BUNDLE all for $23!

Let's Ring in the 2023 New Year together!

Ultimate New Year Bundle (4).png
Bundle Graphic.png

Dive into your 2023 New Year Bundle for just $23! 

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Ultimate New Year Bundle (3).png
Ultimate New Year Bundle (3).png
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