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The B.S. that is "Motivation"

Updated: May 21, 2020

I feel like I'm barely keeping my head above water.

I feel like it is just so hard to do things that were so simple two months ago.

I feel like my emotions have been on the most intense roller coaster... Like you must be at least Hagrid height to ride this roller coaster kind of intense.

If you feel like you just opened up your journal entry from 3 days ago, then read on cause I'm about to drop some knowledge nuggets.

In the past week the same question seems to be appearing in my DMs,

"How are you staying motived right now?! 

I feel like if I do anything 'productive' it either takes four times the normal effort or I quit before even starting."

🔥 First of all:

Give yourself some f-ing grace!

Your brain is programmed to be in fight or flight during hard times (note, a Pandemic is 100% a great example of a hard time) and will literally fight against you when it comes to pursuing normalcy.

You trying to force anything is going to be harder than it was 2 months ago because you are literally going against your neurological programming.

🔥 Second of all:

I am not "staying motivated" right now.

...and to be honest with you, I believe the word "motivation" is bullsh*t.

(Yep, I went there!)

Here's what I mean:

Somewhere down the line we decided as a society that we have to be MOTIVATED in order to take action! 

and... if we don't feel motivated, then that voice in our head starts to say this:

Are you really even trying to reach for growth?

You're just not working hard enough.

I mean look at that person. They are dripping in motivation and you're over here feeling all sorry for yourself. They are clearly superior and going to go way further in life.

On and on that little monster continues until we are fully paralyzed in self pity.

🔥So here's the deal:

Motivation isn't something you just conjure out of thin air.

It takes conditioning. 

Motivation is a habit. 

When I began to learn about habits- that is when I noticed my "motivation" skyrocket!

All because I began conditioning positive habits in my everyday that resulted massive amounts of energy or what some would call "motivation".

And if I can do it, by golly you can too. 

In the Life Coach Baker Podcast episode"Understanding Your Habits", we discuss:

-The science of habits

-How they are created

-Why they are so difficult to change naturally

-And how to INTENSIONALLY change your negative habits. 

In fact this episode had so much in it, that it resulted in this comment:

Listen to the habits episode by clicking your preferred podcast platform below:

Click HERE for Apple Podcasts

Click HERE for Spotify

or by searching the Life Coach Baker Podcast and clicking on the episode entitled "Understanding Your Habits".

Talk to you soon,

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