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4 Ways to Battle Perfectionism

What if I fail? What if they laugh? What if I suck?  What if, what if what if! 

We've all fallen into the "what if" spiral and

it's pretty easy to say that when it happens, we can easily talk ourselves out of following our passion. 

But what if we took the "what if" out of it? 

Try this on for size: 👉 You probably will suck! You will definitely fail at least once! A troll or two might laugh at you! Okay, now that we've gotten that out of the way, now what?

Delanie Fischer, co-host of the Self-Helpless Podcast and Creative Consultant to many (including myself) has something to say about that perfectionistic voice in your head.

In this weeks episode of the podcast, Delanie gave so many great tools to challenge that BS perfectionistic voice. To listen to the full interview click HERE or search Life Coach Baker any where you listen to podcasts, but if quick breakdowns are what you're into, you've come to the right blog.


4 Ways to

Battle Perfectionism

1) Take out the "what if's?"

We talked about this at the top of the post, but let's just play for a second.

Let's say you'll suck, let's say you'll fall completely flat on your face, let's say that one troll on the internet actually comes out and laughs at you, now what? With the scary things that could hold you back laying flat out on the table, is this something you still want to follow? Goodness I hope so. If that is the case follow the next step.

2) Make a response

Troll comes out on the internet and says the thing that you were so afraid of, what would you say back to them? Let's actually plan it out. Yes, odds are that this will never happen and if it does, those angry words are coming from someone who is not putting themselves out there and getting out of their comfort zone like you are. But let's just say you want to respond to them, Delanie phrases it perfectly,

Oh yeah, I totally understand how you feel that way... well, I've only been doing this for a week so it's expected that I'm not going to be the best at it, but I'm going to keep getting better.

3) Chat with your 90 year old self

Time is our most valuable resource and when we get stuck in a perfectionist loop, we tend to waste time on things that don't matter!

Delanie has a short and simple cure for this:

Picture yourself at 90. You're looking back on your life, what are you going to remember? Is it going to be the font on your website that you took 2 hours to pick out? NOO! Allow yourself a life perspective shift. Once you come to terms with the fact that the font (or insert the thing that you are trying to make "perfect" here) doesn't matter as much as we think it does in the grand scheme of things, set a 5 minute time to wrap up the project. This allows your mind to feel like it has finished a project (perfectionist love crossing things off lists!) and you didn't waste another 3 hours on it.

4) Failure is just collecting data

We make everything so life and death!

If we fail, our brain has linked that level of unknown and pain to quite literally "you're going to die so don't do it." But in actuality, when we fail we are just collecting data. When we lessen the pressure and let our brain realize that "oh, I'm not going to the scary unknown, I'm just collecting new data" it is so much easier to put one foot in front of the other.

Listen to the full episode with more perfectionism tips HERE

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