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6 Steps Towards a Powerful Mindset

I'll cut right to the chase. 

Tensions are high this week. 

You know it, I know it, probably our dogs know it.

But that doesn't mean you have to give up your powerful mindset.

In fact, please keep your mindset and mental health a top priority this week.


I am a huge believer that when we have stressors outside of our control, the best thing we can do for our wellbeing is double down on the things that make us feel, well, like us

Today on the podcast I talk about tactical ways that you can feel like the powerful, shining YOU this week.

And just like all things in personal development, this is going to be personal to you.

1) Visualization

Trust me, I recognize how cheesy it sounds but when you close your eyes and visualize yourself living your dream life 5 years from now, a massive wave of calm washes over you.

And bonus, it raises your energetic frequency, which changes your neuro chemistry and if you do it often enough you start to literally believe that you are creating that dream life.

Don't believe me? That's fine. But I've seen this work its magic both first hand, through my clients and through miracle stories.

If you like guided visualizations like I do and tbh just want to know what all the fuss is about, check out my 5- Day Mindset Makeover Challenge. There is a lesson on visualizations for day one plus guided audio.

2) Meditation

This one might not come as a shock to you.

Yes, mediation works. There have been now countless studies on the positive impacts that meditation has.

But if you're someone who has tried it, or has tried it and it never clicked, then you might want to try some different forms of meditation.

Obviously there's guided meditations (apps like Calm and Insight Timer have some great free ones), there's going for a walk outside without music or podcasts, good ol' fashioned sitting in silence with your eyes closed, writing a gratitude list, really its just a matter of what makes your own brain slow down and get present.

My personal favorite form of meditation is doing a guided light exercise. It's not as weird as it sounds, or well... maybe it is.

Here's what I mean by the Light Exercise:

Sitting down with your palms face up, close your eyes.

Imagine a light (can be any color or kind of light) coming down from the universe and almost like a beam, coming straight into the top of your head.

Then, that light is slowly filling up your entire body from the top down, making every nerve in your body come to life.

Once the light has completely filled up your body, it is sent down to the core of the earth, rooting you to the center and then it shoots up and back into the sky.

Rinse and repeat for 3-5 minutes or until you feel like your body is almost vibrating with new found energy.

Spoiler alert:

It took me several weeks before this exercise really clicked into place, but I can tell you that every morning where I was distracted or thinking about breakfast instead of this glowing light is so worth the payoff now.

3) Writing

This one is about as open ended as it gets, but when you free write, you empty your brain. And emptying your brain when tensions are high feels like a different level of orgasm.

This one is truly up to you. Here are some easy ways to get started, pick whichever calls out to you and run with it:

  • Bullet journaling

  • Gratitude list

  • Make a goal to write three pages of just stream of conscious though (very artist's way)

  • Writing down what you're stressed about

  • Writing down what you love

  • Writing down how you want your life to be in a year

  • writing down the things you're most proud of

  • Just writing for the sake of freaking writing.

4) Get out of your head

I.e. talk to someone. A trusted friend, a family member, a partner, your cat, yourself in the mirror (nicely please), heck the lone fly in your house.

But just get it out of your own head.

When we keep things bottled up, they seem so much bigger than they actually are. We tend to use much more heightened dramatic language, we tend to focus on things that aren't serving us in the moment and down the rabit hole we go.

Get it out, it will feel so much less lonely.

5) Tap into your curiosity

When we aren't in a great space mentally it is so easy to reach for something comfortable and don't get me wrong, there's a time and place for that.

However, when we are wanting to feel more like the powerful versions of ourselves, re-watching Gilmore Girls for the 3,000th time isn't going to do the trick.

So watch something you're curious about. Watch something that makes you grow.

I love to watch personal development videos or TedTalks or listen to podcasts about entrepreneurship, or read a book that is on neuro science and whenever I do these things, I feel in alignment, I feel like the best version of ME, because I am learning about things that spark my curiosity.

What are somethings you are curious about?

Is there a youtube video about it? What about a skill share class? A podcast? A Netflix special?

It exists (and I'll bet it exists for free), you just gotta find it.

6) Do something just for you

Here's the major subtext here...

Do something for you and not for the post on social media.

Take yourself on a date (safely of course, we live in a COVID world), draw, realize you suck at drawing but it was fun so you don't even care, try out garage band.

I know I've said it already in this post, but the possibilities are seriously endless here.

I hope this provides you with some inner calm.

And please, be good to yourself.

Talk soon,

P.S. Get my FREE 5 Day Mindset Makeover HERE!

If you identify as a perfectionist, then I cannot stress enough-- get your hands on this.


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