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Building Trust & Passion Projects with Jillian Paige

You have everything you need to create the life of your dreams.

Who else feels like you need this kind of inspiration everyday??

Lucky for us, Jillian Paige, founder of Meisner in Music ® , stopped by the podcast today to drop some major wisdom about being in the present moment, watching your f*cking mouth and what it takes to monetize your passion project! A little bit about Jillian Paige: Jillian is a classically-trained soprano, teaching artist, and self-help book junkie. With a masters of music from Oklahoma City University, Jillian helps singers to trust themselves and remain in the moment with her sold-out class, Meisner in Music ®. After having spent the last 10 years building up her personal training side hustle, Jillian is now making the switch to being a full-time artist and excited to share how to follow your passions productively.

Some key takeaways from the episode:

1) Watch your f*cking mouth.

No, not in the curse words sense, in the your central nervous system listens to everything you tell it sense.

If you say "I suck!", your brain will listen and fulfill that prophecy, whether you truly believe it or not.

Remember our words dictate our experience.

At the bare minimum go neutral, but extra mindset points if you go positive. Some great examples are: I'm learning, I'm getting better each time, I know I am talented, strong, resilient, etc.

2) Our metabolism loves consistency!

While fad diets can be sexy, ask yourself how can I build healthy habits that will succeed 9 times out of 10, not just for a quick fix. 

3) Tap into being - not training.

Allow yourself the gift of being in the present moment. You don't have to rely on training when you are just being.

4) If you build it, they will come

Where my passion project peeps at!?! This one is for you! Whether you've started a side hustle or you've still got it rolling around in your head, remember this:

If you build it, they will come.

It might take a moment, and for that be grateful for your day job that is gifting you the finances to explore your passion, but know that with each passing day that you devote to it, your ideal people, clients, customers are flocking towards you.

5) When starting a passion project:

Make time and space for your passion project

If you don't carve out time in your day to work on it, it's not gonna go anywhere. You have to devote time for your project. If you can, 2 hours is ideal! If that sounds insane for you, 30 minutes is plenty. Just devote time. Small steps have a big payoff.

You gotta start with offering some free (or insanely discounted) stuff

Sorry to burst any bubbles, but you gotta build up a community and offer some seriously discounted stuff. Here is why this part is important; it allows you practice, it offers space for testimonials, it gives the opportunity for word of mouth, and so much more. A few free hours of your life are soooooo worth the pay off it will have.

As time goes on, charge your worth.

Don't be afraid to charge the scary number. The more people invest, the more seriously they take the investment. You are worth being expensive, own it!

Listen to the full episode below:

If you want to learn more about Jillian's story, listen to the full episode of the Life Coach Baker Podcast HERE.

For more of Jillian's inspiring content, follow her below: Meisner in Music Website Meisner in Music IG: @meisnerinmusic Jillian's Personal IG: @jillianpaigeschafer

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