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Create Your Own Personalized Morning Routine

Updated: May 21, 2020

Y’all it’s time to talk about something that is near and dear to my own personal development journey, and that is….

A Morning Routine!

Blah blah blah Nicole I KNOW morning routines are so important, but I can’t seem to stick to one. I just love sleeping way too much.

My friend, I get you. I LOVE SLEEPING! If I don’t sleep a full 8-9 hours… well to put it lightly, I’m not nice the next day.

But having a morning routine doesn’t have to mean getting less sleep.

Having a morning routine is literally just doing the same few things every morning to condition your mindset to act in alignment with who you want to be.

That’s it!

If you are someone who enjoys watching Netflix until 4am and waking up at the last minute, scrambling and heart thumping and running about your house only seconds before you need to get out the door, great. This post is not for you.

Personally, that would give me daily anxiety.

If you are someone who is looking to create a morning where you get centered, get strong and ultimately set yourself up for success for the rest of your day.

Then welcome, friend, you’re in a good place.

When I first started doing a morning routine, I decided to do ALL THE THINGS that you were “supposed to do” in a morning routine…

TBH, I burnt out hella quick.

Then I assumed, “well, a morning routine is just not for me” and went right back to my old habits that weren’t serving me and an old mindset filled with impostor syndrome and limiting beliefs.

Obviously… that didn’t really do it for me either.

So I decided to connect with a version of a morning routine that felt like MINE.

I got really personal asking myself why is this element of a morning routine really important to be? What ways will my “early morning excuses” mindset get in my way? I journaled, I connected, and I got really excited about it. And I’ve been doing it consistently ever since.

The main reason you might be unable to stick to a morning routine is because you are doing just what you think you SHOULD do. Don’t get me wrong, there are categories to most morning routines that I do believe really help, however you can personalize those categories in ways that work for you!

You’ll find all the personalization questions (plus a page to fill in your own morning routine!) in the Create Your Own Morning Routine Workbook!

Let’s talk about the 5 Categories that are part of an awesome Morning Routine!

Get Up

Duh, right? But if you want a morning routine, you gotta make the tie for it! That means getting up at least 1 hour earlier than normal!

Now, as we discussed above, if anyone told me to get less sleep I would laugh in their face and probs walk away. I’m not telling you to get one less hour of sleep. Your morning routine starts the night before! You have to go to bed early to get the sleep you need to get up early.

P.s. it really helps if your alarm title says something like, “Get up! You’ll be so thankful later!” or, like me, this might work better for you, “Get you’re a$$ outta bed a remember your goals!”

Get Learning

Your energy directly reflects what you consume, so if the first thing you do in the morning is roll over just to look at social media, the news or your email…. Your left brain (where your limiting beliefs live) turns on verrrry quickly without a chance for your right brain (your creativity side) to speak up!

Take this time in the morning to consume something that fuels you!

You can read, listen to podcasts, take a class you’ve been longing to take, etc.

Get Moving

It is proven that when you change your body, you change your mind! This doesn’t mean you have to become an Olympic athlete overnight, noooo!

What this does mean is 30 minutes a day of moving your body and getting your heart rate up. When we get stressed, anxious, sad, etc we stop moving and alllll the energy goes to into our head because its being a very loud bully.

When you get your heart rate up, you get your blood flowing and that intense energy in your head begins to loosen and flow though your body making it a lot easier to shift your mindset.

Get Grounded

I cannot stress this one enough, getting connected to purpose, passion, your dreams, your goals, your vision is vital to any growth journey.

Every morning I write out 10 dreams I have for my life and write them all out as if they were happening all around me. Always during this part of my morning, I can feel my energy and motivation rise.

You don’t have to write them out, you can meditate on them, draw yourself achieving them, etc.

But if there was any element of a routine that I believe is the heart of a growth mindset, its this puppy!

Get Grateful

Last but not least, you gotta get connected to an attitude of gratitude. It is impossible to feel stress, anxiety, sadness, etc when you are fully immersed in gratitude.

Now this is a skill that I suggest practicing everyday, and just like all skills you’re not going to master it right away, but the results are worth it full stop.

Now you can choose all five or just pick and choose the ones for you but I highly recommend continuing to further personalize this for yourself with the journal prompts found in this free workbook!

No more shooting in the dark, or the “hmm I guess I’ll try that” kind of attitude here, you know how to make this your time! Now go to it!

Talk to you soon,

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