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Questions, Resilience and 💍?

Updated: May 21, 2020

I have been writing down the same gosh darn thing everyday for 8 months:

“I have finished a half marathon” 

I had such a strong vision in my mind of what it would be: ✨I pictured running with a crowd of thousands. ✨I saw myself indulging in water stations every mile. ✨I imagined enjoying the view of the summery lake here in Chicago.

....Oh how wrong I was. 

There are probably some things in your life that aren’t going exactly the way you wanted them to.

Please hear me on this: You are allowed to grieve the fact that its not going to happen the way you wanted it to. 

But when you learned that the expectation wasn't going to be met the way you wanted it to... what did you do? 

Did you throw in the towel and give up or did you steer into the skid?

I got the email that the half marathon I had been looking forward to for eight months was cancelled and don't get me wrong, I grieved, I grieved hard. But my resilience kicked in quickly.

So I did just what any sane achiever would do: 👉 I went onto Etsy, ordered my own gosh darn medals, designed my own bibs and mapped out my own 13.1 mile route. 

and T-minus 3 days until I fulfill this goal of mine that I've been committed to for 8 months. 

There are always going to be moments in life where the Universe throws a HUGE curve ball at you.

And when that happens, you have 2 Options

1) You can either say, "Okay, well the universe won or whatever! I’m going back to my old ways and choosing to not prioritize my goals or growth!" 


2) You can say, "Okay how can I pivot? How can I still get excited about this? How can I still make this thing that is incredibly important to me happen?"


MINDSET TIP: Your brain is programmed to answer questions. Are you asking lousy questions? You're going to get lousy answers.... But if you're asking growth minded questions... you're going to get some pretty badass growth minded answers. 


Here's a quick second example:

My sister is getting married in September. Do you know who is REALLY living life in uncertainty? 💍 Literally all the engaged couples around the world!! 💍

If you are one of those engaged couples/know someone who is: Send them this blog post. This is from one of the best wedding planners in the Colorado area; Moss and Maeve. I wrote a feature for them all about keeping a strong mindset during this time regarding your wedding. 

But even my sister and her fiancé get to make this choice: 1) They can throw in the towel and be so angry and disappointed that they don't get to have their dream wedding the way they want (which is FAIR let’s be real). or  2) They can ask, "how can I make this work in my favor?"

My sister is a resilient powerhouse. Guess which route she is taking.


My challenge for you is this:

What is something that you might have classified as “quarantine taking away from you"? How can you shift your mindset and make it work for you? How can you pivot? Ask some growth minded questions, I guarantee you are going to start getting creative and this weird time will start happening FOR you instead of happening TO you.

You have so much resilience in you, I know you do. Now is the time to tap into it.

Wanting to learn more about the power of questions? 

Listen to the podcast episode from this week which is all about the 3 pillars that drive our mood, mindset and energy! (Spoiler alert, questions are only a PART of it) 

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Talk to you soon,


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