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The 5 Love Languages... but with a twist

We all know the 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman.

Maybe you've taken the quiz or even talked about your top language with your partner, friends, or family....

But have you ever considered what your love language look like in relation with yourself? 

A listener of the podcast recently reached out and said, "it would be so cool to do an episode on the 5 Love Languages, but can we talk about how it effects our self care??"

I immediately thought this was an awesome idea and I never have even thought to consider this relation. 

So I started thinking:  💕What is my love language? 💕And has my "self care" reflected it? 

And turns out the answer is a big whopping HELL YES! 


So let's dive into what are some forms of self love/care you can do to feed your love language:

If your love language is words of affirmation:

Affirmations are for you! But not just your average, "Keep it up!" "You're doing great!" "You're awesome!" no. Find one that is compelling for you! Best way to do this is envision yourself 10 years from now living your dream life. What does that person believe through and through about themselves? The answer is your new present day affirmation.

If your love language is acts of service:

DELEGATE! Delegate anything you possibly can off your plate. Acts of service people tend to overload their plate, having someone take a task or two for you is the best form of self care you can do.

If your love language is quality time:

Make space for quality self time. This means time spent with you and your thoughts and thats it. So maybe going on a walk without any music or podcasts. Spend time listening to your own thoughts, cause I'm willing to bet that they have a lot to say.

If your love language is touch:

Okay low key, I struggled with this one so I asked my boyfriend (who is a touch love language human) and he immediately went to a self hug. Well, not only was this the sweetest thing I've ever witnessed but it also got me thinking that touch love language people are physical. Meaning power poses might be a GREAT burst of self love and confidence.

And last but not least, if your love language is gifts:

Buy yourself something that is full of meaning for you. I'll give an example, my #2 love language is gifts and I just recently purchased some new clothes that the best version of me would wear. Not only does wearing these outfits immediately put me into a confident state but I was on a high the whole day after I hit the purchase button. So what does the highest version of yourself desire? Is it something that you can bring into your life?


So if you are familiar with The 5 Love Languages or if you're wanting to know better more effective ways to add self love/care in your life, then this an an episode you want to hear.  * Psssst, if you haven't, take the 5 Love Language quiz before listening to the episode. You'll get a lot more out of it! 

Listen to the full episode HERE:


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