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An interactive workshop to create a productive schedule you love!

I got 99 problems and trying to “do it all” is 98 of them...

Does this sound familiar? 

  • You have so many goals you want to accomplish that you feel overwhelmed and like you're not making any progress.

  • You're always multitasking in an effort to get it all done.

  • You're paralyzed by all the productive things you "should" be doing.

  • You end your days feeling like you didn't get anything done... despite being sooo busy all day.

Then these two hours will change your life!

Welcome to
The Grounded Goal-Getter Workshop!

In this 2-hour session, Nicole uses neuroscience and productivity-backed strategies to help you craft your dream productive schedule that works best for your brain, your goals, and YOU!

You'll walk away with...

A Productive Schedule That Doesn't Bite 

We'll craft a schedule tailored to your brain's unique strengths to get stuff done and have actual FREE TIME!

Focused Progress on Your Goals

This exercise gives you clarity on your goals and allows you to start enjoying the JOURNEY.

Freedom and Flexibility in Your Day

Don't worry, you won't be at the mercy of a rigid schedule --learn how to move things around to adapt to daily life, but still feel in control! 




The 2 Hour Workshop on August 31st @ 1 pm PT / 3 pm CT

Can’t make it live? No worries! There will be a replay available for you to watch at your leisure! 

The Workshop Structure

Unravel the Struggle (15 minutes): First, let’s dive into your pit of time-management despair - this way we know how to catch it the next time it rears its ugly head!


Ideal Schedule Crafting (60 minutes): THE BIG KAHUNA! Together we will go through an excise that will help you craft a schedule that works best for you, your goals, and your brain. Completely personalized to YOU!

​Progress Strategy (30 minutes): With the schedule in place, we're going to go over different ways you can adapt this schedule to different chapters of your life, talk about different productivity derailers, and discuss how you might get in your own way when implementing this schedule (and of course, what to do instead).


​Q&A Sesh (15+ minutes): Got questions? I've got answers. This is the opportunity to get live coaching on your schedule! 

What people have to say about the scheduling exercise:

"Using the tools Nicole taught me; I've been able to make plans that bring me energy in my day-to-day vs the dreaded 'just got to get through this' mentality I had before.”

"I’m able to accomplish more in one day than I ever was before AND I feel like I’m on vacation while I do it. My to-do lists feel manageable instead of menacing and I’m finding more joy in the things I do every day.”


What's up sweet friend, my name is Nicole Baker Holleman! I'm a Coach who helps high achievers ditch perfectionism, cut out hustle culture, and start achieving their goals with fun, fulfillment, and a whole lotta free time! Having grown up in a family immersed in the personal development world, I have been attending seminars and absorbing personal growth tools my whole life and have since helped thousands of perfectionists accomplish goals ranging from scaling to 6 figures, cutting their work time in half, and starting new healthy habits. I am the CEO of Life Coach Baker, an international speaker, and the host of the top 2.5% globally ranked podcast "Imperfect Success".

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