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Over a THIRD of the people on this planet are Perfectionists! 

And that number keeps growing. Every. Year.​

Whether in your organization, university, coaching group, mastermind or community at large
Perfection is the enemy of growth

That's where I come in.


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We are a society that literally has NORMALIZED the feeling of burnout! We leverage it. We run on it. We've let it become the normal workflow. 


But what actually is burnout? In this keynote we cover the 12 stages of burnout  (yes, there are 12 and I'm willing to bet you're running off of steps 1-3 constantly) plus everyone walks away with 5 manageable next steps that can reverse and prevent burnout in the future.

Ditching Burnout

This keynote is perfect for:

  • University Students who are feel overwhelmed by their workload and are seeing an increase of anxiety 

  • Corporations that are noticing an decrease of company morale and seeing employees struggle with productivity

  • Entrepreneurs who are exhausted in their life and business and know that this is not a sustainable work flow

You’re on D.E.C.K

Let's be real, you never have a problem with setting goals - you're exceptional at having multiple big goals all at the same time… but when it comes to following through, you'll often do one of two things:

  1. Overwhelm yourself and then procrastinate on your brilliant idea

  2. Slam your foot on the gas and burn yourself out quickly.


As a Coach who specializes in goal setting and achieving, I teach your group how to set goals that are clear, create a plan to pursue their goals without overwhelm or burn out, plus (and most importantly) I teach them the secret to sustainable motivation that creates lasting change.

Goal Setter: Crafting goals you can actually follow through on

This keynote is perfect for:

  • Mastermind groups who are working on setting personal or professional goals

  • Beginner Entrepreneurs planning out how to start and launch their businesses

  • Intermediate Entrepreneurs planning their business strategy

Learn a Quick Tip about The Brain!

Perfectionism & Social Media

When it comes to feeling imposter syndrome around social media, it’s often because perfectionism is in the driver's seat. With the immense pressure we have today to be "perfect" online it has caused many people to put off their online strategy or feel like they need to be online 24/7. But it is not how it has to be! Showing up for your business gets to be fun! 


In this Keynote, I guide your group through 3 interactive lessons to help:

  • Identify their root fear around social media

  • Tap into the confidence that will create a powerful online presence

  • As well as build a strategy that will have them pressing post like a boss.

This Keynote is perfect for new/intermediate entrepreneurs who are frustrated feeling like they "should" be showing up more online or who feel the stress of needing to be online 24/7.


“I attended Nicole's workshop on burnout, where she led us through 12 concrete stages of burnout and 5 ways to prevent it. As someone who is numbers-oriented, I appreciated her concrete approach--I left with 5 action items that I could follow up on. And as someone who also picks up on palpable energy, Nicole's was infectious! Everyone in the workshop could tell she was truly jazzed about the subject, and cared about how to help her audience tackle burnout. She is a vivacious presenter, and someone who infuses so much light and spirit into their day--whether it's a 3 or 30-minute interaction!”

Katya D. Head of People at Foursquare

"From Nicole's vitalizing workshop I learned so many tools to better practice self-care. These specific actions have been motivating solutions for me at work this quarter. Nicole's presence, perspective and sincerity about preventing work-burnout in this session greatly benefited my professional life- it's so nice to see someone out there who cares & inspires others to make positive changes- I cannot thank her enough!"


Gia O.


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