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Upleveling your habits, mindset and beliefs to match the CEO you’re destined to be!

What if you fully believed that you are successful? 

How would your energy change?  How would your habits change? 

Your daily motivation? 

How would your life change if you spent every day FULLY believing in yourself and your capability to make your dream business come true?

That is what’s possible in just. 3. Weeks. 

Tell me if this sounds familiar?

  • You’re constantly asking “am I good enough to do this? To sell this? To ask for THIS much?” 

  • Imposter Syndrome is a frequent visitor, causing you to ask yourself “why would people buy from you when there's someone more experienced?” 

  • You constantly fear promoting yourself and putting yourself out there .

  • You can easily motivate and support others… but you struggle to motivate yourself.

  • You easily talk yourself out of doing things and end up accomplishing less (and beating yourself up about it).

  • You KNOW you are made to live bigger, you know you are SO capable… you just don’t know how to tap into that mindset



In this immersive 3 week program, we are devoting a week to each of these pillars - mastering the foundation for YOUR UNSHAKEABLE CEO.

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Hey, I’m Nicole!

I’m a coach for High Achieving Perfectionists, helping them ditch hustle culture, drop perfectionism, and start enjoying the process with way more fun, fulfillment and free time. 


My mind used to be my biggest enemy… I believed I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t popular enough, I believed that I would never make a sale and I would be a huge failure. Seriously. This mindset was detrimental to the start of my business but more importantly, it was destructive to my happiness and overall well being. I knew in my heart that I was made for more. I KNEW I was capable of creating a successful business that helped thousands of people, I knew I was smart enough to make it happen. 

This opposition inner turmoil taunted me for years. It caused me to procrastinate, self sabotage, and have absolutely no confidence. 


But that little voice that said “you are made for more, Nicole” got bigger and bigger until finally I had no choice but to get help. I read all the books, DOVE into research on the neuroscience of success and happiness and I absorbed anything under the sun that would help me understand this machine between our ears. 

And I boiled them down into three pillars that created my Unshakable CEO: Mindset, Belief System, Strategy. 

In Unshakeable CEO - we’re diving into each of these 3 pillars, devoting an entire week to mastering one at a time. 


The results were beyond my wildest dreams… 

Not only did I start bringing in more ideal clients, I made enough money to quit my 3 day jobs and go full time in my business. I started having more daily energy and motivation that others admire regularly, I started making goals of immense sizes come to fruition, and I started believing in myself in a way that I never had before. 


These techniques are now at the CORE of what I teach my clients, resulting in them:

  • ⁣Starting and going full time in their dream business

  • Being featured in top publications

  • Hitting record-breaking monthly revenue (35k woohoo!) 

  • Going from unemployed to 6 figures⁣

  • Losing over 80 pounds

  • Setting boundaries leading to more joy and free time!

  • And so much more!

And after 5 years of reserving these 3 pillars for only my private clients, I am opening up these teachings in the group program, UNSHAKEABLE CEO!

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You know you’re capable of living life at a higher energy level

You know you’re meant to believe in yourself 

You know you’re meant to feel motivated 

You know that your business is WORTH it! 

It’s time to get your mind to match the business owner you’re meant to be!

This is a 3 week immersive program teaching you the science backed techniques and exercises that you can use to change your mind right now. 

I have struggled on and off with self-worth for many years, especially coming from such a toxic industry that tells you to be competitive and that you're replaceable. Since coming to work with Nicole, I've found that I've been able to love myself and find worth in myself even without an achievement attached, which is the most magical gift she has given me. 


What I love about Nicole is she values my most authentic self, not the shiniest or "most perfect" version. And it's worked so well! I've had more success in the last few months than I have since moving to NYC because I've been ME for the first time in a long time. 


How to know if THE UNSHAKEABLE CEO is for you...

  • You don’t have thousands of dollars to invest in a coach but you know you need someone outside yourself to help you with your mindset 

  • You’re wanting to build new habits that empower you and your business… but you can never seem to get them to stick 

  • You’re on a mindset roller coaster, some days you feel on top of the world and some days you’re wondering if you’ll ever be good enough - you're ready to feel like YOU'RE in control of your mind

  • You’re ready to feel unshakeable confidence in your business helping you not only make more money, but also feel more creatively fulfilled! 

  • You’re ready to drop that all or nothing mindset for GOOD!


Business owners want results NOW!


...But as a business owner, sometimes you don’t have thousands of dollars to hire a private coach or invest in a mastermind.


Even though this program has over $1,000 in value, we here at Life Coach Baker wanted to keep The Unshakeable CEO price low, affordable and POSSIBLE for you - no matter where you are in business. 


No one should have to negate their number one tool in business (your mind) because of funds. This is vastly important and we want to make it accessible for any business owner, no matter where you are. 

 When I first started with Nicole, I was lost. I was so deep in a facade that I was happy but knew deep down I wanted so much more with my life. I was insecure, I didn’t love myself. I was miserable. Now after coaching with Nicole, I’m a successful businesswoman, I’m in the best shape of my life psychically and mentally, in the best relationship I could ever dream of and so beyond happy. I genuinely love myself and am living the life of my dreams.



Upleveling your habits, mindset and beliefs to match the CEO you’re meant to meant to be



The Trainings 
($1,100 Value)

In this 3 week group program, we are devoting a week to each of The Unshakeable CEO pillars - creating the foundation for YOUR UNSHAKEABLE CEO. We will be diving into the science backed research of each pillar, doing deep exercises that will help shift your mindset and teaching you the tools that you will be able to use for your lifetime. 

Week 1: Mindset

→ Our mindset is our energy - most of us have a low mindset caused by unhelpful habits and thought patterns which are causing our energy to PLUMMET! In week one we’re diving right in - we will be going over exactly what creates a positive mindset, we’ll be diving into the habits you need to shift in order to help curate the mindset you’re meant to have, plus you’ll learn the most power tool in our brain and how to make it work for you and your mindset. 

Week 2: Belief Systems

→ What you believe shapes how you interact with the world. BUt many of us believe  we are not enough, we aren’t going to make it, we’re not ready or any of the 1,000’s of limiting beliefs that hold us back. In week two we are diving into one of the most power belief shifting exercises - helping you shed the beliefs that are causing you to hold yourself back and step into the beliefs that you KNOW are meant for you.

Week 3: Strategy

→ Now that we have a mindset that is bringing us positive energy, we have belief systems in place that are empowering us from the inside out… let’s talk about the next level for your business and how to make it happen. We will be clarifying your next steps in business, creating an actionable plan that motivates and excites you plus you'll learn the business goal strategy tool that forever changed my business and helps it double every single year.

Value total: $1100
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$397 or
3 payments of $137

What People Are Saying...



This is about mental fitness so you can enjoy the good! Create the great! And make the difficult moments in business, your new opportunities.

This is about a full unshakeable belief in YOURSELF!

You might be thinking...

"Nicole, I’ve tried 'thinking good thoughts', I’ve tried 'affirmations' and I've tried 'talking kindly to myself'… it didn’t stick. So why would this work for me?"


Two reasons why The Unshakeable CEO method works: 


  1. You’ll have an experienced coach whose job it is to see your blind spots. ​​So often we self sabotage without freaking KNOWING IT! That’s how sneaky the brain is! You’ll not only have me helping you through those blind spots, but you’ll also have a community of like minded people here to help support you. 

  2. I use only science backed techniques in my coaching. There’s a reason “positive thinking” and “affirmations” don’t work for most people - it’s because you’re missing the key neurological components - all of which and more we will be diving into in Unshakeable CEO. 

You know you’re made for more!

You’re ready for unrelenting confidence to be your constant!

You’re ready to feel DESERVING of the money you’re business gets to make!

You’re ready to feel like you’re living into your highest potential!

You're done feeling like your biggest critique!

And you’re done knowing that the biggest thing holding you back is your own mind!

You can spend the next year of your life listening to podcasts on mindset, reading books by successful entrepreneurs and having to pick out all the golden nuggets…


You could spend 3 weeks with someone who has mastered the CEO mind. You can learn directly from someone who will give you the science backed exercises and you can implement these tools NOW. 


You’re a business owner, your time is precious, wouldn't you rather master your mind in 3 weeks?


This is the mission of The Unshakeable CEO!

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