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You're On Deck!

A live, online masterclass that teaches you a 4-step strategy to nail every single performance or audition!


Feb. 18th @ 7pm CST

What if you walked into every performance or audition feeling confident, excited, and filled with passion and purpose? 

Not sometimes, but EVERY time

If you're...

-Tired of feeling like your limiting beliefs are running the show

-Tired of feeling misaligned in the moments before a performance or audition

-Ready to confidently walk into the spotlight with a mindset strategy

-Committed to slaying every performance from an audition to closing night

All of that's about to change....

Hi, I'm Nicole Baker!

I am a Life and Mindset Coach for Creative Artists with more than 10 years of experience in the performance world and a degree in Musical Theatre from a top performing arts university.

Over the past year I have obsessed over the question,

“Why do performers sometimes have bad auditions?”


I dove into research on personal development and Neuro Linguistic Programing all coming from the background of being a performer knowing exactly how it feels when “you’re on deck”.

I started teaching what I was learning to my clients and AMAZING things started happening!

🎉 Getting cast for the first time in months!

🎉Getting an agent

🎉 Booking their dream performance job

🎉 Landing a role so lucrative that they could quit their day job

🎉 And making it to the final callbacks of an upcoming Broadway musical (music by Elton John, HELLO!)


Seeing these mind-blowing results, I asked myself, when do people need this most?  

          … and it hit me.    

                         ...Performers need to know this information!

And it became my mission to bring personal development to performers.

You're On Deck!

A live, online masterclass that teaches you a 4-step strategy to nail every single performance or audition!


Feb. 18th @ 7pm CST

What's Included 

One Hour Live Online Masterclass on 2/18 at 7pm CST

Using all of my research, I put together a four-step strategic technique, D.E.C.K. for performers to tap into their truest confidence, go into that spotlight and shine their brightest!

In this group masterclass, I will teach you each of the D.E.C.K steps, personalize them to your unique mindset, and condition it into your body (the step that actually creates the lasting change). We will also have a Q&A at the end for you to ask any lingering questions.

Masterclass Worksheet

Follow along and make your own personalized notes so future you has a resource to follow.

Recording of the Masterclass

Can't make it live? I've got you covered! 

Attended live and need a refresher? Done!

You will receive a full recording of our time spent together!

2 Guided Recordings

-A quick reminder of what each part of the Deck method means and connecting it to your body.

 -A 2 minutes guided conditioning to get you into state when you are in the thick of it.

NOTE: These have proven INVALUABLE for my clients!

Your investment:



Registration is currently closed

D- Decide

E- Envision

C- Create 

K- Kick the Doors 

Masterclass Payment

Still on the fence? 

See what actual performers are saying about these teachings.


Let me tell you...

Relying on your ability to "wing it" is not a sustainable performance strategy. You are a big freaking deal. You deserve a structure that ensures you will have a fun, long and fulfilled life in this industry! You're On Deck is that strategy.
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