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What Listeners Say...

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We're always hearing people say, "Just trust in yourself. Follow your dreams! Go all in!"


...okay... that's great but HOW!? As perfectionists, we like to know tactics! Give me actionable steps, pretty please!

Either through solo episodes where you'll hear me coaching you through a certain area of personal development; be it goal setting, habit building, or how the f to manifest.

Or through interviews with people who share their inspiring stories of getting wildly out of their comfort zone (like these episodes with Delanie Fischer or Sarah McDonald).​ 

If you are new to the Life Coach Baker Podcast, I recommend you start here with an episode all about why perfectionists make life so hard on themselves!

If you are someone who craves more self care in their life, jump to this episode

Or if you're looking to learn about creating a morning routine that is personalized for you, then go straight to this episode

Wherever you are in your personal development journey, it is my mission to help you along on your next step (and the next, and then the next).

Let's dive in!


Interested in hearing certain topic on the podcast? Amazing, I love hearing recommendations! Please reach out to with your suggestion. 


THAT is the goal of this podcast:

giving you step-by-step tools, tips and exercises for you to take after every episode 

Start Listening

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