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A live group program to learn the step-by-step methodology to take you from procrastination station to making your goals HAPPEN!


Goal Smasher LIVE is a 4-week group program where I will walk you through every step of my signature course, Goal Smasher!


But that's not all!

Each week we will gather together to personalize each step of your goal setting journey to YOU and, through individualized hot seat coaching , we will work through any bumps in the road so that you feel propelled forward (rather than stopping dead in your tracks).


This program is built so that you are not only set up for success to accomplish your goal with ease but you have a built-in accountability squad to help cheer you to the finish line.

If you've been feeling frustrated because you know you can achieve your goals... but you just can't seem to get into action, then course was MADE for you!

What Goal Smasher's are saying:

"Thanks in large part to Nicole I have:

  • Joined a gym and go 5-6 times per week.

  • Successfully woken up at 6am for over a month now.

  • Set up a calendar and implemented a schedule that actually works for me

  • Learned how to actually cut myself some slack and to practice loving kindness

  • Pushed myself out of my comfort zone


Honestly, I could go on and on. Nicole has helped me find clarity in ways that I probably would never have been able to myself."

- Ariel


Access to all modules in Goal Smasher - $400 Value

Ahem, LIFETIME access! That's right, you'll have access to all the modules of my signature goal setting method, Goal Smasher, for you to return to again and again! Plus for this August 2022 round of Goal Smasher Live, we are adding in a BONUS module !

Week One: Your Goal Smasher Attitude NEW- Mindset week, baby! In this new bonus module we kick off Goal Smasher Live with a BANG - your mindset! This is where we tap into a whole new, higher level and you learn what it truly means to become unstoppable with your goals! 

Week Two: The WHAT - The BIGGEST reason perfectionists procrastinate on their goal is because their goal isn't defined enough. This week I will walk you through the brain science as to why clarity is incredibly important for our goals and I'll teach you the exercise for making your goal crystal clear and free from high expectations. 

Week Three: The HOW - This week I teach you  the step-by-step technique to break down any goal into manageable, overwhelm-free bite size pieces! This is an exercise that most of my private clients use daily because it is so impactful! 


Week Four: The WHY - Many perfectionist's get stuck in the "I'm not feeling it today, I'll do this tomorrow when I'm more motivated" mindset.  If that is something you've said (and regretted), this module will change your life. This week I teach you how to cultivate never ending motivation for your goals - seriously!

Plus when you sign up, you will receive instant access to the BONUS Pre-Work Module: Choosing ONE goal! Here you’ll learn why going after multiple goals only leaves you MORE burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed PLUS how to pick your one goal (without the anxiety of making sure it’s the “perfect” goal).  

4 weekly live group calls - $1,200 Value

This is where the magic happens. On these group calls everyone will receive individualized hot seat coaching where we will personalize every step of Goal Smasher to you and your specific goals!

Unlimited access to our own private group - $300 Value

It's like having your accountability group on speed dial! This is where we can share wins, get accountability, share bumps in the road and receive on the spot support from myself and your fellow Goal Smashers!

$1,900 Value

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This program is currently not enrolling. However you can get the stand alone course by clicking here!


All of the above - $1,900 Value

Every. Single. Thing

2 Private calls with me - $800 Value

I will basically become your partner in crime as you tackle your goal. This is where we will personalize every last detail to you and work through the things that are holding you back in two private hour-long sessions! This will take you from Goal Smasher to Goal Knock Out!

Unlimited PRIVATE 1:1 voxer access with me - $700 Value

Private coaching whenever you want it. It's like accountability on steroids!

$3,400 Value


This program is currently not enrolling. However you can get the stand alone course by clicking here!

I was uncertain about my next steps for my business and how to take things to the next level. Now I have broken down steps to achieve what I’ve been wanting for the past couple of years. I’m finally taking those scary steps that make it seem actually real and possible.

- Jen

Nicole was clearly born to teach this! The lack of fluff is SO refreshing. The steps are so clear, simple and effective, I'm literally planning on gifting it to people!

- Tori

What Goal Smasher's are saying:

I just finished module one and wow, this is so kickass!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything you do. You speak to my soul and you are fu*king brilliant!

- Danielle

Nicole speaks straight to the perfectionist! I have been so called out! This course is simple and straight to the point and is broken down so well!

- Stephanie

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Are there payment plans available?

What happens if I can't make the group calls?

Yes! There are payment plans available for both Goal Smasher Live and Goal Smasher Live VIP! Send me an email  at and we'll discuss a payment plan that works best for you!

While I strongly recommend that you make the calls live, I do understand that sometimes life happens. Each call will be recorded and you will receive lifetime access to all replays!

What do we do on the group calls?

In each group call we will do something called "hot seat coaching". Everyone will have the opportunity to sit in the hot seat and get coaching on their goal. These calls are life changing because we get to personalize everything in Goal Smasher to you and your goal PLUS you get massive accountability from myself and your fellow Goal Smashers!

Is there 1:1 time with you?

Yes! for Goal Smasher Live you'll have your hot seat coaching time (which is me directly coaching you on our group calls) plus you get a 20 minute send off call with just you and me! If you decide to upgrade to VIP you get much more 1:1 time with me via our two hour long private calls plus private voxer access during the duration of Goal Smasher Live.

There’s a reason your goal keeps
bugging you!

Stop procrastinating.
Stop burning yourself out.
Stop beating yourself up for not making any progress.

Your dream can be your reality.
And it’s right here. 

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