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3 Steps to Starting a Passion Project

So you want to start a side hustle or passion project?! That's amazing! 

... Butttt where do you start? Or if you've already been starting... how do you make it not feel like scrambled eggs in your head?

First off, always know that all you need clarity on is the next step (maybe the next two steps).
You're not going to be clear on every step along the way. Sorry to break it to you.

With that in mind...

I'll give you a little extra additional step, just so you have a little more certainty going into this.

If you are looking to start a passion project/side hustle, start with these 3 steps:

1. Know the what

If you're going to create anything you have to get extremely clear on where you're going! Let's use this example, if I plug into a maps app "take me to Paris." Paris is huge! It doesn't know exactly where I want to go in Paris, just Paris is a general destination. But if I typed in "take me to the Eiffel Tower on Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France, 75007 Paris, France" then do you think the maps app will have any problem taking me EXACTLY where I want to go.

So get clear. What exactly are you trying to create? Who will this be fore?

2. Know the why

If knowing exactly what you want is the destination, then knowing why you want it is the fuel that will carry you all the way to there. You have to know why this is a must for you. Now people who are new to this way of thinking can sometimes think... uh, okay... how do I figure that out? Fair question. Here are some easy journal prompts to figure out why this is meant for you:

- Who will I become as a result of creating this?

- Why is this a problem that I must solve?

- Who will benefit off of me creating this? Why?

- Which areas of my own life will benefit from this?

3. Get a mentor

This is the game changer. Who is doing what you want to do? Find them and learn from them! This can cost the amount of 1:1 mentorship or be totally free. Some free ways, find podcasts with stories of people who have achieved what you want. Did they write a book? Read it. Did they mention people in it? Search them. Can you interview any of these people? Ask.

Want to hear more on these 3 steps? Listen to the full episode HERE:

P.S. Wanting to learn more about 1:1 coaching?

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