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Your Words + Your Energy; 3 Reasons Why It's All Connected

Our words become our experience.

Read that again.

Did you know the words you use can determine your own energy?

One of my obsessions in life has been language. (Seriously, just ask any of my clients!)

And I like to think of language in 3 different energetic categories:

1 - Neutral

2 - High negative energy

3 - High positive energy

Okay, but what do these three categories actually mean?

Let's dive in a little more.


This is the land of the blah words; okay, fine, good, meh.

A great way to find out what your neutral words are is to think about if someone came up to you and asked "Hey, how you doing?" what is your run of the mill response? Odds are its something like "fine" or "good".

but these words do NOTHING for your energy!

If you are reading this, you're not a "average energy" human, the best thing to do is become aware of the worlds you use that are meh/neutral words and switch them out with something that will actually aid your energy!

High Negative Energy

But Nicole, if its negative wouldn't that lead to low energy?

Nope! In fact this is probably where we are getting the highest energy from! These are words like overwhelmed, stressed, hate, frustrated, angry, etc.

Our body craves energy and our brain is programed to look for the negative! Thats why its so easy to find these emotions and feel them very intensely. Plus, on top of that, society has normalized these high intense emotions and since we as human beings crave connection with others, it is easy for us to connect over something we dislike or something we are stressed/frustrated about vs. something we are overjoyed over!

An easy fix to lower the negative energy (and even add a smile or two) is to come up with a far less intense version of the word! Frustrated becomes peeved, overwhelmed becomes frazzled, stressed becomes abundance of opportunities, etc.

Think it sounds silly? It is, that's the point.

High Positive Energy

I love it! That is absolutely inspiring! I am elated! Overjoyed! Passionate!

You catch my drift. These are words that literally just using them raises our energy. But these high intense words aren't used quite as often as the other two. Why?

Let's use this example: if you went up to someone on the street and said, "hey how you doing?" and they said "I AM ELATED! I AM INCREDIBLY INSPIRED BY THIS WORLD WE GRACIOUSLY WALK ON EVERYDAY" I don't know about you but I would be like a deer in the head lights!

The reason we don't use these words often is because we have been conditioned that if we hear them the person is either 1) On a drug of some sort or 2) Someone who is so inconsiderate! Don't they know I could be having a bad day!

So what do you do with this?

You want higher energy but you don't want to come off as a person who is hyped up on drugs all the time.

A simple fix here is to look at the more positive leaning words that you use and feel comfortable with: awesome, inspiring, amazing, happy, excited, etc and just bump them up one notch to something you can't say without a huge smile on your face. You will be astonished at what happens to your energy levels.

So I have a challenge for you.

Cut out your neutral language patterns.

They are not serving you. You are not some run of the mill, medium energy human. Life is too short to live life there.

Use smarter "negative" words

Peeved, frazzled, I whoopsie-doodle-dandied all over the place! Use words that, yes sound silly, but will allow for your brain not to get extraordinarily worked up and stay more clear. Because only with a clear mind can you make steps forward towards who you want to be.

Add higher positive energy words

I love the words awesome, great, fantastic, however those words have gotten so... normalized. What are some words you can use to add just a little bit of extraordinary into your life?

Small adjustments will have a huge energetic impact.

If you want to dive into this topic more, listen to this weeks episode of the Life Coach Baker podcast HERE:

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Talk to you soon,

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