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3 Steps to Peak State Energy

This past week I've been hearing over and over again, "Nicole, I love your energy!"

No, I'm serious. I swear I must have heard the word "energy" 30+ times.

I believe that when the universe wants you to focus you on something, it will give the space to "make" us think about it.

So I began thinking about this.

Why is my energy like this?

I wasn't born with this amount of energy. What makes it easy to access every day?

And almost like my mind has been waiting for me to ask that questions, these three major areas of my life jumped into my brain;

🤸‍♀️ Health ⁣

🌅 Morning Routine⁣

🤝 and Community.⁣

Why? What do these have to do with consistent peak state energy?

Let's dive in.


Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, Nicole. Health is good for you. Blah blah blah.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but yes, health is number one for a reason. If you want your body to raise it's own standards and live in a higher energy- you're going to have to nourish it.

But that doesn't mean going and suddenly training for an ironman, noooo! It means just breaking down this huge daunting world of health into these simple, easy and digestible steps.

1) Move your body

Again, no ironman required. What kind of movement do you enjoy? Running? Yoga? Stretching? Dancing? You name it! As long as it gets you tapped into that beautiful body of yours for 20-30 minutes a day- it counts!

2) Sleep

I don't know who those 4 hour a night unicorns are but I am not one of them. I need my full 8 hours or else I'm a different human being. But this doesn't mean I cross my fingers and hope for the best every night. I have a nightly routine just like I have a morning routine. This tells my body "hey remember these habits, they mean it's sleep time." Don't over complicate it, just even the simple act of every night drinking a soothing tea or watching an episode of Spongebob Squarepants can do the trick.

3) Fuel

Your body will react based off what you put into it and every body is different, but with all the research we have telling us that the less ingredients a piece of food has the better it is for our body (i.e. the less processed the food it). This will require some trial and error for yourself; Does dairy act weird? What about red meat? What about starchy, processed breads?

Morning Routine

If you haven't read my blog post all about morning routine, I highly recommend checking it out. In that post we dive a lot more into the details of a morning routine, looking at the 5 categories that are in almost every single successful morning routine I've studied plus you get a free downloadable workbook so that you can make your own routine.

But TL;DR, morning routines create a habit of getting into a certain mindset (and though that, producing a certain energy) everyday. There's a reason all the motivational speakers and people who would call themselves very fulfilled have a cultivated and curated morning routine.


Yes, health and morning routine are both extremely important, however I am going to say that this is the most important decision you make every day.

We are constantly absorbing people's energy, moods, words, opinions, etc. We all have that one friend who when you hang out with them you just feel tired, angry, stressed or a mix of the above. That is because you probably absorbed their energy while talking with them.

This is not only physical time with people! Some of my closest "friends/mentors" are podcast hosts, authors, speakers. Do they know I exist? Not yet. But I would choose to absorb their words and wisdom each day rather than my old group of friends who made me feel like a fool for wanting a better quality of life.

If you want to learn more about how to apply these three categories into your own life, listen to the full episode of the Life Coach Baker Podcast HERE.

In this episode we dive into how I use these three major categories in my own life and what you can do NOW to implement your own versions and raise your energy!

--> But I have a challenge for you this week. Pick ONE of the three categories (the one you resonate with the most), and try it out. Do you feel a change in your energy? I'm willing to bet if you stay committed to these for 2 weeks, you'd notice a HUGE difference.

Talk to you soon,

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